Combating the Sales Tax Administration Blues

Client Name: Morehouse Sales and Use Tax Commission
Vertical Markets: Public Sector
Technology Sold: Revenue Collection System (RCS™)

Executive Summary

Combating the day-to-day sales tax operations while overworked and under resourced left Morehouse Parish Sales and Use Tax Commission feeling defeated. Software & Services (S&S) implemented solutions at Morehouse that provided document automation, reporting, and imaging support to improve collection workflows. RCS™ is S&S’s multi-jurisdiction collection system that provides state-of-the-art modules for processing a full suite of revenue streams including local sales, occupational license, insurance premium, hotel/motel and alcohol beverage taxes. The system allows the maintenance of taxpayer account and registered business information, tracking vendor histories, processing tax payments, and generating letters to notify taxpayers of account issues.
After RCS™ was implemented, Morehouse experienced the following successes:
  • Approximately 10 hours per month in repetitive and outdated mailing processes were cut by eliminating manual delinquent letter reviews
  • Increased efficiency by use of a workflow dashboard that allowed for easy review of actionable items
  • Increased productivity by having software support available on an immediate to 1-hour maximum callback period


Morehouse experienced three key challenges from their previous software provider that led to overworked staff and poor service to its taxpayers.
(1) Manual Processes
Data entry, imaging, and new taxpayer registration were all handled through outdated manual keying.
(2) Lack of Software Support
The previous software provider’s support process required requests to be submitted through a ticketing system. Some tickets would take weeks for an initial follow-up.
(3) Inaccuracy in Workflow
Outdated collection workflows within the previous system delayed the process of providing taxpayers with accurate, timely feedback that required manual, ‘hands-on’ compliance efforts.

How Product Helped

(1) Eliminated Manual Processes

RCS™ allowed Morehouse to import much of the data via XML imports reducing days of manual keying to less than one hour of processes to groom data for quality prior to import. The system also highlights outliers to minimize the amount of ‘hands on’ work needed. This allows enforcement agents to maximize their time on higher priorities.

(2) Expedient Software Support

In addition, the S&S Staff provides timely callbacks and quick turnaround on requests, all while delivering a product that exceeds the requirements of a government office tax collector. Kim Vereen from the Morehouse Parish says switching to RCS™ was a great move. I no longer have to worry with the lack of system support or data entry repetition. Not only do I get to work with a dedicated and timely support staff, RCS™ also makes our delinquent processing more timely. S&S handles support via a call-in where most calls are taken directly by a support analyst for triage as opposed to dealing with a ticketing system that left the office without support or feedback for multiple days or weeks.

(3) Improved Workflow Processes

Lastly, RCS™ allowed Morehouse to create customized, specific workflows to provide the taxpayers with accurate and timely feedback. From delinquent filings and NSF Payments to electronic imports and data entry of audit findings, RCS™ automated workflows that simplified the collection process.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Converting to RCS™ allowed Morehouse to experience accuracy and efficiency in their workflow. RCS provides a constant stream of feedback. System users at Morehouse Parish Sales Tax can now notify people of delinquency in a timely manner and print underpayment letters and credit memos in a matter of minutes. Morehouse’s six system users are now able to focus their time on audits and delinquent enforcement because they are able to spend less time on data entry.

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