New Paperless Environment Improves Workflow, Saves Time and Money

Client Name: Iberia Parish Assessor’s Office (IPAO)
Vertical Markets: Public Sector
Technology Sold: Appraisal Information System (AIS ™) ImageFlo, Barcodes and Batch Scanning

Executive Summary

Iberia Parish Assessor’s Office (IPAO) was printing large volume hard copies of deeds involving transfers of property and permits for new construction. They were also handling large volumes of mail-ins of personal property renditions. Their process was to take all hard copies, organize and give them to the appropriate personnel for markups, then walk the paperwork over to data entry personnel for entering into their appraisal software and finally giving the paperwork to another party for proofreading, scanning and attaching in their software AIS™. While the process was working for them it was inefficient costing them money to print, time to organize and prioritize, time to scan and had no way to track progress. I3 Software & Services offered them solutions for avoiding hard copy print outs thus also avoiding scanning, batch scanning mail-in paperwork and tracking documents and progress.
  • Eliminated 99% of hardcopy printouts
  • Batch Scanning reduced time spent scanning
  • Barcodes reduced time for attaching in AIS™ software
  • Tracking reduced loss of paperwork and further provided management tools


(1) Network Scanner
Desktop Scanners needed
(2) Monitors
Dual Displays
Display Settings

How Product Helped

AIS™ ImageFlo is designed to mimic an office’s workflow. There is no built-in standard workflow but rather offers a very flexible system that can be customized. So the first step prior to setting it up is to work with the client to analyze their workflows and hopefully design something that improves upon what is in place. In Iberia the analysis process helped to eliminate unnecessary steps largely involving printing and prioritizing stacks of paper. Deed documents now go straight from websites into ImageFlo “Inboxes”. Inboxes determined what personnel is to review them first. ImageFlo gives them built in tools for highlighting, signing, dating etc. After which they push to the next group’s inbox with no need to print and they could prioritize which documents as sent first. Time is saved not only in walking documents through the office but also in establishing priorities.
Personnel responsible for scanning incoming mail save an abundance of time due to the addition of barcodes on documents mailed from the office. Barcoded documents can be scanned in batches and attach directly in AIS™. The need for a rented network scanner was eliminated with the purchase of desktop scanners. Once again saving time and money.
IPAO described the training experience as easy and fun and really appreciate the new software.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

IPAO’s main goals were to eliminate printing and cut down on tedious time spent scanning. Both of these goals were met and they would recommend the product to other clients wanting to accomplish the same.

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