Software Transformation in Property Appraisal and Tax Administration Relieves Inefficient Processes

Client Name: Terrebonne Parish Assessor’s Office (TPAO)
Vertical Markets: Public Sector
Technology Sold: Appraisal Information System (AIS ™) Suite of Applications

Executive Summary

When Terrebonne Parish Assessor’s Office (TPAO) sought a new Appraisal and Tax Administration software, one word came to mind: efficiency. Many of the processes in their current system were both time consuming and difficult to maintain, requiring additional assistance to be outsourced. The new Assessor, Loney Grabert, was determined for a technology transformation and began his search for a software system that was a fit for Terrebonne’s office and community. Captivated by Software & Services’ successful presence of the AIS™ software in 41 of the 64 neighboring Parishes at the time, Grabert jumped at the opportunity.
TPAO witnessed the following successes after AIS™ was implemented:
  • Office efficiency increased, reducing staff by 25%
  • Once behind by an average of six months on property transfers, the office is now experiencing operational processes on a monthly basis
  • Programming support cut from one day to one hour
  • Balancing and submitting of taxrolls now happen a full month sooner


(1) Querying Data
Not only were there no means of developing queries in the previous system, TPOA had to spend additional time and resources to route their requests to their IT department on a case-by-case basis.
(2) Report Generation
Report generation was limited. In addition to requesting queries, report requests had to also be sent to the IT department to get the required reports generated.
(3) Programming and Software Support
The office lacked dedicated programming and support. The office relied on multiple key employees to do a job that would require less with suitable resources and system capabilities.
(4) Taxroll Balancing
TPAO did not have the tools needed to balance their taxrolls and often experienced balancing issues.

How Product Helped

(1) Query Capabilities

AIS™ offered TPAO multiple built-in search options and an advanced searching tool for more complex queries. The system also provides special request ad-hoc query development.

(2) Report Capabilities

AIS™ offers a number of report capabilities, meeting TPAO’s requirements for reporting. AIS™ offers tax administration reports, appraisal reports, state compliant reports, property owner reports, sales reports, and more.

(3) Programming and Software Support

The office has gained quicker access to software support, as well as a quick turnaround for enhancements to customize their system. TPAO speaks very highly of S&S’s staff. Jami Bennett, Office Supervisor, states everyone at S&S is knowledgeable and friendly, from the receptionist to the account manager. It is a relief to receive a returned call in a timely manner rather than having to wait days on end.

(4) Taxroll Balancing

Prior to AIS™, TPAO’s end of year balancing took weeks of late nights to meet their deadline. S&S Support and software tools have reduced balancing time from weeks to hours.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

TPAO’s main goal was to make taxroll balancing easier and more efficient. They achieved this goal by cutting down on duplication of many tasks that their staff of 16 previously did. The system’s balancing program provided the needed tools to check for both errors and balancing issues within the roll, all while remaining compliant with the state commission. The Assessor Support Staff at S&S aids in the taxroll season process as they double-check the balancing and submission of the rolls to the commission. Since the implementation of AIS™, many employees have retired due to their tenure in the office, without a need to replace these key staff members – all thanks to system efficiency.
TPAO contributes these successes to both AIS™ and a software provider that has compiled four decades of experience in industry.

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