Court Information System (CIS™) Civil

Civil Management System provides up-to-date information on civil, probate, medical review, adoption, and an extensive list of other case types. Features include Minute Processing, Document Processing, Court Calendar, Register of Actions, Suit accounting, and check printing capabilities along with complete financial accounting and attorney billing functions. Paperless process capabilities and integration with the online e-Filing are supported.

Part of the system’s vast flexibility is demonstrated in the judge assignment module. This random selection method of assigning cases is based on rules defined by the Judiciary, providing for case load balancing between judges. Judges can then use the Court Calendar to access their court sessions to quickly view the minutes and documents related to the suit.

Attorneys can be directly related to parties, including maintaining attorney history, even if they are no longer active in the suit.

Transactions, such as charges and deposits, can be assigned to an attorney, party, firm, or any combination thereof. Check processing will allow the printing of checks at desired time intervals like daily, weekly, or monthly. A history of every check written is maintained, and transactions can be set up to be paid again or reversed to never be paid; if a check is voided, all necessary corrective entries are made to the corresponding transactions.

The document processing features allow for the creation of one or more documents simultaneously, which can be sent to one or more attorneys and/or parties concurrently. From there, each document is internally numbered to allow for further review and integration if a document is later returned and scanned. Customized “tags” pull data directly to the documents for instant population of names, addresses, court times, and dates.

Over $60 million in deposits were made in the Civil application during 2017 and 2018!

Related Solutions

Clerk / Sheriff Return Integration

Utilizes barcodes to retrieve info about the document. Once the return information is entered into the sheriff application (CSS), that info also gets pushed back to Civil. Upon scanning the return in Civil, any pending return info pushed back by the sheriff application (CSS) is displayed to the user for verification.

Front Counter

Allows you to quickly file new cases or suits, enter transactions, and scan Civil documents right at the front counter which carry over into Criminal. Part of our paperless line of products.


Transfer Civil or Criminal filings throughout the office digitally. File Stamps, times, judge signatures, notes, and various other stamps can be burned directly onto the filings and instantly transmitted to other office inboxes for editing or review.

Clerk Connect

In this era of up-to-date access to information via the Web, it is no longer required for an attorney, real estate agent, title company, and general public to physically visit the courthouse or central offices to search existing records and filings. Our Clerk Connect portal leverages the benefits of internet access to public records and services allowing more rapid response time, more efficient work flows, reduced costs and generation of additional revenue. Clerk Connect makes it possible to quickly access records and documents on the web with an easy-to-navigate access. Clerk Connect keeps your courthouse open 24X7 all while generating additional revenue.


Allows attorneys to file new or supplement existing suits online and transmits them directly to the clerk’s office for processing.


Non-Support provides the functionality to process, invoice, collect and distribute funds for non-support cases. Includes tools for importing case data and providing easy options for adding overlooked data such as LASES numbers before invoicing, in addition to providing tools to reconcile invoices to payments before the funds are posted for distribution.


Jury provides for efficient management of juries throughout the entire process providing tools for generating summons, random juror selection, check-in, qualification, and juror payments. Jury maintains a history of jury service and can automatically exclude exempted individuals and individuals with recent service from the selection process. This solution also accommodates the summoning of a general pool of individuals to be later assigned to specific trials in court. Jury utilizes user defined templates for creating summons and other documents that are required. A robust payment processing system is used to automatically calculate the amounts owed and print checks.


Evidence is a lightning fast way for the Clerk’s office to categorize and index the evidence in their possession. Evidence allows the office to track guarded items from the Evidence Closet to the Evidence Storehouse. From room location to shelves, this flexible system will allow for the creation of 4-tiered locations for even greater customization, including check-in / check-out functionality and reporting.

Registry of Court

Specifically designed to handle ongoing long-term suits, this program will allow the suits to accrue interest and create transactions as the suit resides in bank account(s). This application will allow users to enter bank account information and track suits within that account. Distributing interest incomes to various accounts/ suits and printing checks has never been easier!

Civil Suit System (CSS)

CSS streamlines the complete civil service process, from the initial service request (paper preparation, agent assignment, etc.) to service return documentation and court communication. CSS’s proven efficiency has reduced service request backlogs of over two months to turnaround times of less than a day.
CSS functionality manages suit-related data in a centralized format, providing users with 360-degree access to information and processes pertaining to any particular suit. From a detailed service and correspondence history to a comprehensive analysis of accounting processes, this solution empowers users to manage every aspect of a civil suit.
CSS brings unprecedented precision to the calculation of garnishment deposits and disbursements, as well as efficiently managing an agency’s seizure and sales processes. This solution has accurately completed almost $400K in garnishment transactions, and its Foreclosure Functionality has collected and accurately disbursed over $7.6M.

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