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i3 – Software & Services is a world leading case management leader and partners with prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement officials to examine challenges with timely processing of case records, identifying areas of redundancy, and developing solutions in a cost effective manner of streamlining day-to-day process. Our robust solution contains the power to support the needs of a judiciary body. CIS™ Criminal is a time saving solution that simplifies indexing and reduces data entry redundancies through data exchanges with other entities within your judicial community. The solution allows seamless courthouse integration between courtroom processes and fines/cost collections. It supports virtually any type of criminal case, including misdemeanors, felonies, traffic, wildlife/fisheries, juvenile and more.

Related Solutions

Front Counter

Allows you to quickly file new cases or suits, enter transactions, and scan Criminal documents right at the front counter which carry over into Criminal. Part of our paperless line of products.


Transfer Criminal filings throughout the office digitally. File stamps, times, judge signatures, notes, and more directly onto the filings and instantly transmitted to other office inboxes for editing or review.


Allows filers to file new or supplement existing suits online and transmits them directly to the clerk’s office for processing.


Jury provides for efficient management of juries throughout the entire process providing tools for generating summons, random juror selection, check-in, qualification, and juror payments. Jury maintains a history of jury service and can automatically exclude exempted individuals and individuals with recent service from the selection process. This solution also accommodates the summoning of a general pool of individuals to be later assigned to specific trials in court. Jury utilizes user defined templates for creating summons and other documents that are required. A robust payment processing system is used to automatically calculate the amounts owed and print checks.

DA Import

DA Import is an optional extension of the CIS Criminal application which allows for importing files sent directly to the clerk server from the District Attorney’s office. This will allow the clerk staff to import additional information (like defendant demographics) into a specific case which has already been created in the clerk of court’s criminal application. A case already entered into the CIS Criminal application can import additional information not already known, amend/append information already in the case, and change information in the case which may be erroneous or different than what will be seen in the DA’s Bill of Information hard copy sent to the clerk.

Court & Traffic Collections (CTC)

CTC simplifies the case management and information maintenance process, transforming what was once a cumbersome and time-consuming process into smooth, intuitive data capture and storage. Ticket and docket information is stored in a case-centric format, providing ease of access to all information related to the case. Across all clients, CTC has reduced office backlog while increasing data accuracy. CTC has perfected the collections process by providing multiple routes by which a defendant can pay the fine, either in person or online, and by streamlining the payment entry process, saving time and eliminating redundant work. CTC has accurately collected and disbursed over $41M in court and traffic collections.


Evidence is a lightning fast way for the Clerk’s office to categorize and index the evidence in their possession. Evidence allows the office to track guarded items from the Evidence Closet to the Evidence Storehouse. From room location to shelves, this flexible system will allow for the creation of 4-tiered locations for even greater customization, including check-in / check-out functionality and reporting.

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