Court Information System (CIS™) Records

From indexing imaging conveyances and mortgages, to marriage license and certificate creation, this is a complete records management solution. Recordings and document scanning can be generated on the fly. A flexible permission system allows for employees and the general public alike to search for existing recordings with ease and accuracy without jeopardizing confidentiality.

Customized searches and filters allow users to quickly locate specific records within a sortable search results grid. Individual or specified results can be instantly printed in an easy to read report format. Indexed images can be viewed directly from the search grid as well.

A double-entry verification system provides the ability for users to review data entered prior to public release. Customized levels of security allow for a range of software access, viewing, and other capabilities from public users all the way up to administration. Individual batches can be created and maintained across multiple indexes to keep work separated until the point of release. An electronic daybook allows viewing of instruments filed prior to official verification.

Related Solutions

Clerk Connect

In this era of up-to-date access to information via the Web, it is no longer required for an attorney, real estate agent, title company, and general public to physically visit the courthouse or central offices to search existing records and filings. Our Clerk Connect portal leverages the benefits of internet access to public records and services allowing more rapid response time, more efficient work flows, reduced costs and generation of additional revenue. Clerk Connect makes it possible to quickly access records and documents on the web with an easy-to-navigate access. Clerk Connect keeps your courthouse open 24X7 all while generating additional revenue.

Cash AR

Daily cash receipt and accounts receivable application for property, marriage, and various other Recordings. Not only can it track walk-in customers, but an optional Billing module allows for website printing and subscription accounting. This system allows for partial invoice payments as well as the acceptance of multiple payment types (cash, checks, credit cards) in one processing. Extensive reporting provides easier end of day drawer balancing.


Transfer recorded indexes throughout the office digitally. File Stamps, times, notes, and various other stamps can be burned directly onto the filings and instantly transmitted to other office inboxes for editing or review.


Allows title companies and other entities to file new recordings / documents online and transmit them directly to the clerk’s office for processing.

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