Civil Suit System (CSS)

Service of Process

CSS streamlines the complete civil service process, from the initial service request (paper preparation, agent assignment, etc.) to service return documentation and court communication.
CSS’s proven efficiency has reduced service request backlogs of over two months to turnaround times of less than a day.
  • Works with Microsoft Word to maintain an extensive library of service and non-service documents customized to meet the unique needs of each agency.

  • Integrated routing software enables users to assign service agents within a designated area, and WebReturns allows the digital capture and submission of data out in the field, increasing the speed and efficiency of the service return process.

Accounting / Information Management

CSS functionality manages suit-related data in a centralized format, providing users with 360-degree access to information and processes pertaining to any particular suit. From a detailed service and correspondence history to a comprehensive analysis of accounting processes, CSS empowers users to manage every aspect of a civil suit.
  • Includes a comprehensive entity management system, allowing the designation of an unlimited number of served parties per suit.

  • Fully equipped to maintain detailed billing information for an infinite number of agencies for collections and disbursements.

  • Enhanced functionality employs barcode technology and import/export integration, improving data quality while minimizing keystrokes and increasing efficiency.

  • Scanning functionality digitally stores an unlimited amount of suit-specific data, including photographs, written materials, and more, available for review at the touch of a button.

  • On-board reporting delivers actionable analytics from every process facilitated by CSS.

Garnishment and Foreclosure Management

CSS brings unprecedented precision to the calculation of garnishment deposits and disbursements, as well as efficiently managing an agency’s seizure and sales processes.
CSS has accurately completed almost $400K in garnishment transactions, and its Foreclosure Functionality has collected and accurately disbursed over $7.6M.
  • Integrated Interest Calculator quickly and accurately determines garnishment payoff based on a specific date.

  • Nimble functionality auto-calculates commissions and appropriately distributes payments as soon as a garnishment deposit is processed.

  • Detailed invoicing system supports all financial processes, including garnishment deposits/disbursements, sheriff sale payments/disbursements, and Clerk or Court collections/disbursements.

  • Features check processing that can accommodate multiple payees per suit.

  • Manages all aspects of the foreclosure/seizure and sale process, from pre-sale preparation to deposit of sales proceeds.

  • Enables export of financial data directly to the agency’s financial institution through the Positive Pay Module.

  • Integrates seamlessly with existing GL and bank reconciliation processes.

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