Court / Traffic Collections

CTC simplifies the case management and information maintenance process, transforming what was once a cumbersome and time-consuming process into smooth, intuitive data capture and storage. Ticket and docket information is stored in a case-centric format, providing ease of access to all information related to the case.
Across all clients, CTC has reduced office backlog while increasing data accuracy.
  • Highly adaptive functionality optimizes efficiency by configuring workflow to meet the unique needs of each agency.
  • Role-based account secures data and processes based on work group
  • Integrated District Attorney import/export functionality improves data quality while minimizing keystrokes and increasing efficiency.
  • eTIcket enhancement eliminates the need to handwrite citations and reduces keystrokes in the office by digitally importing ticket data.
  • Scanning functionality digitally stores an unlimited amount of suit-specific data, including photographs, written materials, and more, available for review at the touch of a button.
  • Centralized data management allows multiple charges per ticket/docket.
  • Fully equipped to maintain detailed information for an infinite number of case-related parties, including bondsmen, parole agencies, attorneys, and more.
  • Enhanced probation functionality supports all aspects of the probationary process, including court appearances, terms/types, fees, profiles, and more.

CTC has perfected the collections process by providing multiple routes by which a defendant can pay the fine, either in person or online, and by streamlining the payment entry process, saving time and eliminating redundant work.

CTC has accurately collected and disbursed over $41M in court and traffic collections.

  • Accurately tracks the collection of all case-related payments, including fines, bonds, probation, restitution, and other special conditions.
  • Delinquent management functionality supports the electronic reporting of non-collected payments to the appropriate agency.
  • Nimble payment processing solution features fully integrated point-of-sale functionality to accept in-office credit card payments, as well as the option for defendants to pay fees online, reducing office traffic and eliminating the need for staff to key in payment data.
  • Intelligent functionality supports complex transactions, such as payment plans and partial payments.
  • Simplifies the disbursement process by automatically calculating the correct amount due each receiving entity.
  • Customized General Ledger accounting supports month-end posting and reporting.
  • Fully equipped to maintain detailed billing information for an infinite number of receiving agencies.
  • On-board audit tools and detailed, customizable reports improve transparency of all accounting and office processes.

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