Government Fund Accounting (GFA™)

GFA provides the ease of managing multiple funds in one location, the ability to enter requisitions, create purchase orders and settle a check for payment through your customized approval process. With automatic posting to the General Ledger and Bank Recon as well as automatic liability checks, eliminate additional steps after completing your payroll. GFA allows customized reporting including state and federal file creation as well as all Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) requirements.
There are currently over 138 clients ranging from school boards and districts, sheriff and law enforcement agencies, clerk and courthouse officials and many more. GFA disbursed over $929 million in wages and handled over 4,000 Government Funds in 2017 alone. GFA also provides annual tax reporting, asset management, personnel management and an online payroll system for employee use. GFA is an innovative, state of the art all-in-one system ready for you to make your own!

Payroll Online

The Payroll Online system is an additional resource for customers. It allows government employees to view their pay stubs, accrued leave, tax and other personnel data, including their W-2 at year-end from the payroll function of GFA with a secure login.

ACA & 1099 Tax Systems

Both systems are used for tax purposes in conjunction with the GFA product. Our simple ACA reporting module allows for government administrative personnel to process and print 1095-c tax forms for each Fulltime employee. Import employee Health Insurance Information and demographic data directly from GFA as well as review within the module as it contains its own error checking capabilities. The 1099 subsystem pulls vendors directly from GFA and other compatible systems that meet the criteria of obtaining a 1099 for the current tax year. Error prevention and the ability to merge duplicate vendors provide a timeless process of printing 1099’s for vendors and 3rd party employees.

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