Property Appraisal & Tax Collection

Are you ready for solutions that incorporate cutting-edge technology with over four decades of experience? We’ve collaborated with assessors, law enforcement officials, city managers and other municipal entities to develop software solutions that track every detail of the property appraisal and tax collection process.
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Assessors / Appraisal Districts

For over 40 years, government agencies have trusted i3-Software & Services to provide cutting-edge software for property valuation and property tax administration. From customizable workflow management in the office to robust online solutions, i3-S&S delivers an integrated suite of applications to the Property Appraisal market. Our clients are empowered with government compliant software, including CAMA and other mass appraisal tools for reassessment, with GIS and Pictometry integration. Our team of analysts specialize in both software and business knowledge and are backed by developers with years of experience.

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At its base, AIS™ is an administrative tool for tracking property locations, ownership and transfers of ownership, assessed amounts and taxes paid on property as well as the history of assessed values and taxes on a property. It tracks special tax exemptions from homestead to large commercial exemptions. It also keeps offices in compliance with government regulations.
AIS™ ImageFlo is a paperless software solution designed to mimic an office’s workflow. Because an office’s in-house workflows and processes are often unique, it offers flexibility to plan customizable solutions.
In an office handling large volumes of paper moving between different office personnel this solution cuts back on costs to print and time to process. There are easy markups tools for highlighting, dating and signing. Priorities can be set, statuses communicated and there is a tracking and reporting tool for managing.
This solution also includes batch scanning with barcodes for direct attachments, accomplishing the following:
  • Eliminates 99% of hardcopy printouts
  • Batch Scanning reduces time spent scanning
  • Barcodes reduces time for attaching in AIS™ software
  • Tracking reduces loss of paperwork and further provides management tools
With the AIS™ Online Homestead Application, users can submit homestead applications through a client’s website.
  • The online user experience is simple. The opening page provides general information and easy to follow instructions, in addition to simple search options.
  • Fields and pages are customizable.
  • Submission is only allowed after all required fields under all pages have been filled in.
  • Clients login to view Pending submissions.
  • After an approval of a homestead application, a PDF report is created and pushed to a folder on the server.
  • Data elements that fall under private information will not be included in the PDF.
  • The online application can also be used in-house with the option to utilize a signature pad and a custom MS Word document.
i3-S&S can support satellite imagery, aerial photography and shape files with this solution with the ability to integrate with Pictometry for 3-D views. Online Mapping can also integrate with AIS’s real time data including photo images and sketches.
Assessment Appraisal offices can use maps to improve their assessment and reassessment processes. This solution also allows an office to distinguish between public and office view.
AIS™ stores deed information, including selling prices that usually represent all items on an assessment. Using CAMA Stats that sales information, the CAMA information and the assessed values on the tax roll can be viewed side by side. The sale price and price per square foot of the improvement can then be extracted. CAMA Stats presents the mean and median sales prices, and the assessment to sales ratio values. The data can be filter by areas representing subdivisions or defined marketing areas. Ratios in particular areas can quickly identify possible discrepancies in tax roll data. A direct link back into AIS allows for immediate adjustments to assessment and CAMA data.
Remaining objective when determining the value of a structure and evaluating its attributes, whether it’s residential or commercial, can be tricky. If you send three people to the same home, they may come back with three different evaluations of its quality and condition.
i3-S&S designed the Image Gallery as a way to minimize subjective evaluations in an office. Starting with a subject property photo, a gallery of images is available to compare the subject image with others that have already been classified with attributes like condition and quality.
i3-S&S offers a solution that allows businesses to report their assets to assessment appraisal agencies. This process usually starts with paper forms filled out and mailed to the appraisal office. Upon receipt, the office manually enters this information into their AIS system, which are entered in online in easy tab through fields. Applicable parties receive emails with reports while AIS™ automatically attaches the report to the businesses’ assessment record.
Many of the tasks that are performed for property owners by an Assessment Appraiser’s office require the owner’s signature on various documents like Homestead applications, Special Assessment level applications, and Assessment Certificates. Managing all of these forms can be challenging and can also utilize a lot of storage space.
We’ve developed a Signature Pad module that allows electronic signing of documents which are directly imported into AIS™, providing paperless automation and streamlined form management.
In residential areas where property sales are available, median or average sale prices are often used to derive at costs per square foot, which can then be applied to neighboring homes or areas with little or no active sales.
AIS™ stores historical sales information of assessments. That sales information can be exported and then imported into Sales Stats. This solution presents the sales data alongside assessed values on the tax roll. Average, median, minimum, maximum and ratio values are presented. The data can be filtered by subdivisions or defined neighborhoods. A direct link back into AIS™ allows for immediate adjustments to assessment values.
Watercraft can amount to huge assets. When an assessment appraiser’s office can put those assets on their tax roll, they can claim the taxes paid on them for the community they represent.
The Watercraft solution uploads information on the watercraft vessels an office is claiming on their roll and compares it to what others are claiming. All participating offices have access to the duplicate records it generates allowing duplicates to be resolved.

Property Tax Collectors

i3-Software & Services has collaborated with Tax Collectors across a myriad of governmental agencies for more than four decades to develop software solutions that track and manage every detail of the property tax collection process. With a deep understanding of the critical nature of tax collection, distribution, and tax sale management, we continue to leverage that collaboration into a customized, agile solution designed to fit the workflow and business needs unique to the tax collection process. From cloud-computing and web-based solutions to integrated credit card processing and online payments, our tech-forward applications keep our clients on the cutting edge of property tax collection and data management functionality.

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TCM simplifies the Property Tax Collections/Disbursement process by automatically calculating the taxes due as well as instantly disbursing the collections to the appropriate taxing bodies. TCM™ removes the guesswork from the monthly disbursement process by automatically calculating and disbursing collected tax dollars to the correct receiving entity, as well as performing periodic deductions and disbursements for revenue sharing and pension payments. The Property Tax Payment import functionality reduces processing time from multiple days to less than five minutes. This solution also integrates with our Assessor Information System (AIS™), allowing for property assessment information to be shared between programs.

HPT™ is a web-based application designed to simplify and accelerate the property tax collection process. The flexibility, functionality, and intuitive interface allows for an enjoyable user experience that is unmatched by other web-based tax collection programs.

Features include, but are not limited to:

  • Tax notice export to printing company
  • Tax bill search
  • Payment collection process – receive partial payments and overpayments, process refunds, pay multiple notices per check/cash transaction and print receipts
  • Delinquent notice process – process delinquent tax notices with batch posting charges, create Delinquent File Extract to send to printing company and create delinquent Letters
  • LTC process – easily process LTC approved assessment changes with automatic duplicate bill printing
  • History – offers “drill around” capabilities to research specifics on any history posting process
  • Reporting for delinquent property listings, distributions, daily payment registers, refunds, tax roll status and LTC change orders
  • Custom letters – create letters using dynamic information from the system

Sales Tax Commissions / Department of Revenue / Municipal Licensing

Sales Tax Commissions ranging from $150,000 in annual collections to those with over $500M collected annually have relied on i3-Software & Services to equip their offices with applications developed with the tax collector in mind. For over forty years, i3-S&S software professionals have been developing solutions for the collection and disbursement of Sales Tax, Occupational License Tax, Insurance Premium Tax, and other government revenue streams. These solutions include an online presence through a revolutionary, web-based Occupational License System, as well as an agile and dynamic suite of applications proven to increase efficiency through customizable workflows, built-in imaging, and electronic import and export functionality.

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Supporting clients with over 500 Million in annual collections, RCS is a comprehensive solution for monitoring and collecting taxes with compliance being the number one work-flow design in mind. RCS has a presence in over 30 offices handling both the collection and distribution of Sales Taxes, Occupational License Tax, Insurance Premium Tax and many other revenue streams.

Our OLT solution offers the following features:
  • Customized workflows and routing
  • Compliance and Delinquent processing tools
  • Online Registration and processing imports
  • Reduce data entry and data errors
  • Integrated imaging and scanning
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Audit compliant financials
  • Optional General Ledger and Check cutting capabilities

Our newest business licensing (also called occupational licensing in some offices) solution is entirely web based for both public portal and backend operations. Securing your data while limiting the need for costly servers and IT infrastructure.

– No local server required

– Business or Occupational licenses and permits

– Self service registration and renewal capability

– Customizable delinquency workflows

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Court Management
& Administration

CIS™ Civil provides up-to-date information on civil, probate, adoption, and an extensive list of other case types. Over $60 million in deposits were made in the Civil application during 2017 and 2018. Features include Minute Processing, Document Processing, Court Calendar, Register of Actions, Suit accounting, and check printing capabilities along with complete financial accounting and attorney billing functions. Paperless process capabilities and integration with the on-line e-Filing are supported.

CIS™ is a robust system that was developed on the basis of consulting with prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement officials for decades to examine day-to-day challenges with timely processing of case records, identifying areas of redundancy, and developing solutions in a cost effective manner. This time-saving solution has streamlined these every day operations to simplify indexing and reduce data entry redundancies through data exchanges with other entities within your judicial community.

In this era of up-to-date access to information via the Web, it is no longer required for an attorney, real estate agent, title company, and general public to physically visit the courthouse or central offices to search existing records and filings. This solution leverages the benefits of internet access to public records and services allowing more rapid response time, more efficient work-flows, and most importantly, reduced costs. Clerk Connect™ keeps courthouses open 24/7 all while generating additional revenue.

From indexing imaging conveyances and mortgages, to marriage license and certificate creation, this is a complete records management solution. Recordings and document scanning can be generated on the fly. A flexible-permission system allows for employees and the general public alike to search for existing recordings with ease and accuracy without jeopardizing confidentiality.

CTC simplifies the case management and information maintenance process, transforming what was once a cumbersome and time-consuming process into smooth, intuitive data capture and storage. CTC users have accurately collected and disbursed over $41M in court and traffic collections.
CSS streamlines the complete civil service process, from the initial service request (paper preparation, agent assignment, etc.) to service return documentation and court communication. CSS users have reduced their civil suit processing time by over 50%.


GFA manages multiple government funds all in one location in this fund-based accounting software. Manage your employee data, pay your employees, and process employee leave without miscalculation.
AMS is a comprehensive Asset Management software solution for tracking buildings and building improvements, assets for accounting purposes, vehicles, machinery, hardware and office equipment throughout their lifecycle. Asset Tech is fully in compliance with Government regulations (GASB 34) and provides adequate reporting for auditing.
Built directly into the GFA product, School Accounting is considered a checkbook for Secretaries or other office staff as they can receive funds from Fundraisers, school fees, donations and more.

Property Appraisal
& Tax Collection

Assessment Information System (AIS™) is an end-to-end software package for professional property assessment and tax administration. Government complaint and designed to prepare accurate ad valorem property taxes for delivery to tax collectors, the system calculates property exemptions, takes into account full and partial ownership, freezes on property and can apply special fees in addition to traditional millages. Over $40B in assets are maintained in AIS™!
TCM streamlines your entire property tax management process, from initial collection and disbursement through delinquency and tax sale. For 2018, TCM tracked the collection and disbursement of over $3B in property taxes. With tax commission/appraiser integration, users can easily update assessment values and exemption changes, reducing both incorrect billing and taxpayer refunds.
Supporting clients with over 500 Million in annual collections, RCS is a comprehensive solution for monitoring and collecting taxes with compliance being the number one work-flow design in mind. RCS has a presence in over 30 offices handling both the collection and distribution of Sales Taxes, Occupational License Tax, Insurance Premium Tax and many other revenue streams.

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