Tax Collection Management (TCM™)

TCM simplifies the Property Tax Collections/Disbursement process by automatically calculating the taxes due as well as instantly disbursing the collections to the appropriate taxing bodies. TCM™ removes the guesswork from the monthly disbursement process by automatically calculating and disbursing collected tax dollars to the correct receiving entity, as well as performing periodic deductions and disbursements for revenue sharing and pension payments. The Property Tax Payment import functionality reduces processing time from multiple days to less than five minutes. This solution also integrates with our Assessor Information System (AIS™), allowing for property assessment information to be shared between programs.
For 2018, TCM tracked the collection and disbursement of over $3B in property taxes.

Features include, but are not limited to:

  • Property Tax Collection Process
  • Mortgage/LockBox Processing
  • Change Order Processing
  • Collected Tax Distribution
  • Delinquent Collections & Tax Sale Management
  • Information Management
  • Document Library

Related Solutions

HPT™ is a web-based application designed to simplify and accelerate the property tax collection process. The flexibility, functionality, and intuitive interface allows for an enjoyable user experience that is unmatched by other web-based tax collection programs.
Features include, but are not limited to:
  • Tax notice export to printing company
  • Tax bill search
  • Payment collection process – receive partial payments and overpayments, process refunds, pay multiple notices per check/cash transaction and print receipts
  • Delinquent notice process – process delinquent tax notices with batch posting charges, create Delinquent File Extract to send to printing company and create delinquent Letters
  • LTC process – easily process LTC approved assessment changes with automatic duplicate bill printing
  • History – offers “drill around” capabilities to research specifics on any history posting process
  • Reporting for delinquent property listings, distributions, daily payment registers, refunds, tax roll status and LTC change orders
  • Custom letters – create letters using dynamic information from the system

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